About us

  Cangnan Genesis Packing Co., Ltd.Is a professional business graphic design, packaging printing production of the modern company. We always adhere to the "customer satisfaction, enterprise development" business philosophy, integrity and spirit of dedication put up a bridge connecting customers, better, faster, and more accurate customer service. Since its inception, with its unique creativity, professional design, fine printing, reasonable prices, good service, won the trust of users. The company has professional designers tailored to your part of your program from a professional point of integration of design, promotion, packaging, refining business concepts, enhance corporate value. According to different characteristics and needs of our customers, to provide timely entire process for you, stop and personalized service. Companies not only have high-end printing equipment Heidelberg, Germany, and has a professional technician for beautifully printed to provide a guarantee.

  The company mainly produces all kinds of high-grade plastic food packaging bag size specifications, folding water bag folding water bottle, extra packaging, vacuum packaging, retort packaging, standing zipper bags, liquid packaging, aluminum foil bags, aluminum bags, pet bags, tea bags, rice bags, wine packaging, handbags and other large size, medium and high-grade flexible packaging products, promotional gifts, woven bags, products are exported to Southeast Asia and other countries abroad
  In today’s increasingly competitive market, we believe: Only a high level of creativity and the pursuit of excellence for quality is our core competitiveness and vitality, we are good at controlling the abstract and visual language, using a unique color and graphic interpretation of the philosophy and objectives of different customers, to the unique marketing ideas and inspiration to enhance the consumer’s interaction with the client’s brand, to further enhance the customer’s corporate image and brand value

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